5 Zillow Listings That Say “Wow That Run Down Shack Really IS Worth Half a Million”


5. Charming Quonset Hut!

This enchanting Quonset hut on .0007 acres of land is a darling little sweetheart of an opportunity for first-time homeowners. 1 Bed, 1 Bath, 690 square feet (lol, nice) with a loft, this lilliputian galvanized steel dream home is only $775,000. If you decorate and landscape right, it won’t look like you’re living in a corrugated metal shack.


4. OMG! Former Church For Sale

This adorable little chapel has a lot of potential on 3.2 acres of land and tons of privacy since all the locals are very creeped out by it. Cathedral ceilings and authentic stained glass windows make this a boho-millennial’s Instagram dream. No septic, sewer, or water. No heat. Probably ghosts. $899,000. Sold as-is.


3. Hygge Who?

Get comfortable in this whimsical and cozy 400-square-foot alpine A-frame cabin. You’ll be so relaxed you’ll forget “A-frame” is just a fancy way of saying “this is a giant triangle.” Thanks to a bad foundation and Pythagoras, everything you do in this space will involve sudden and hasty math. Who says you don’t use algebra in real life? This property used to be a hunting cabin so it will always smell faintly of meat. $500,000. Great starter home!


2. Too Close For Comfort 

That ranch house across the street from your parents is for sale, and why is it $900,000? Didn’t that creepy hoarder live there? Didn’t they find an entire room full of human hair and dismembered mannequins? What is going on?


1. Gorgeous Four-Bedroom Renovated Victorian

A fantastic piece of history is waiting for you at just the right price. Located on a generous 4.5 acres with an in-ground and up-to-date pool, this is the house to make memories in. Comes with a newly renovated slate kitchen with recent appliances, a cedar closet, mudroom, and 3 baths, 1 ½ bath, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime find for only $165,000. Except gross. It’s in Iowa.



Megan J. Kaleita
Author: Megan J. Kaleita
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