8 Halloween Costumes for Lazy People

Halloween is nearly here and this year it’s gonna look a little different. You may be stuck at home, but you can still get into the Halloween spirit! So I thought up some amazing costumes that take so little effort you may not even have to move at all.

1. Ghost

Lay underneath your covers and peak out of a strategic fold. Say “boo” a couple of times.

2. Snow Globe

Just get white cheddar cheese balls and throw them into your mouth. The ones that miss your mouth will give you a snow globe effect.

3. Corpse

Lay down on the floor or bed. Don’t move. That’s it. You can really wear this costume anywhere. The less you move, the more authentic you are. 

4. Sexy Webcam Girl Who Hasn’t Done Laundry

Put on the MeUndies order you forgot to skip this month, and just live your life in front of the computer. Wow this one you are already doing right now!

5. Day Drinker

Buy a pack of Hard Sparkling Water or Hard Kombucha. Convince yourself you are doing something healthy for your body. Enjoy anytime during the day or night.

6.  “Hello My Name Is… Alone”

Order a pack “Hello My Name Is” stickers. Wait two days for Amazon to deliver them. Write “Alone” on one. Stick it on your shirt. And viola! You can also write things like fed up, over it, and unavailable right now.

7. Ya Basic

Grab a pumpkin spice candle. Sit next to it with a variety of pumpkin snacks and beverages while watching an old Disney Channel movie from the 90s or 2000s. You go Becky!

8. “I Give Up”

To achieve this look, just don’t change out of the “clothes” you have had on for several days. And by clothes I mean those stained sweats that now are your final form.

Now, I know you are in the mood for all things Halloween! You may be doing Halloween at home or on Zoom this year, but with these costumes you’ll be winning.

Anastasia Washington
Bi Racial Actress, Comedian, Writer, Podcaster, Filmmaker and Curvy Positive model. You can keep with her and all things Anastasia at https://linktr.ee/anastasiawash.