TWO-MARA Episode 1: Rooney and Kate Start A Cooking Channel

TWO-MARA Episode 1: Rooney and Kate Start A Cooking Channel Brought to you by Edge In Motion Productions, Two-Mara is a five episode comedic digital series from the talented mind of Creator Sarah Skeist, Produced by Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand, Directed by Georgia Warner, Starring Sarah Skeist and Jewells Blackwell as Kate Mara and Rooney Mara, with Cinematography by Michael Mastroserio, Edited by Kristopher Knight, Production Manager Jean-Louis Fragnay, Art Director Lacie Johnson, 1st AC Dan Cho, Gaffers Keisuke Nojima and John Zeng, Sound Mixing by Bimo Santoso, Make-Up and Hair by Lani Sunglao, Assistant Make-Up Artist Will Metivier, Production Assistants Molly Wymer, Dan Giannone, Jim Reilly, David Caligure, with Original Music from Jo Eubanks and Georgia Warner, Composed by Evan Johnston, and Featuring Walker P. Vreeland as the Therapist. A very “Special Thanks” to Sarah’s wonderful parents and the “Real” Mara Sisters.

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