Veronica Who? | Pilot S 1 “Hand That Robs the Cradle”

►”Veronica Who?” Pilot. Comedian Veronica A. Brown doing her set, followed by hilarious sketches where she plays various characters that act out the scenarios in her stand-up.

► Synopsis: A date goes totally left when Veronica reads way more into a date than what it is. With her prenatal delusions, mix with a side of nutcase; her future baby’s father (in her head) looks for the nearest exit.

►Cast: Comedian/Various ……..Veronica A. Brown

Guy On Date……………….Cornelious Jordan

Audience Members…….David Carter, Landen Garbutt, Devin Mroz, Sydney Perry, Damien Bajnath.

►More Credits

Writer/Creator: Veronica A. Brown

Director: Dane C. Collier

Executive Producer: VABtv

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