Comedian Stef Dag Brings Humor to 2020 With Weekly Newsletter “This Sucks”

Comedian Stef Dag is taking a look at 2020 and saying what we are all thinking, this sucks. Her weekly newsletter, appropriately named just that, strives to bring some catharsis to the chaos happening all around us. This Sucks premiered in March and has since gained hundreds of followers, by producing letters like “This Sucks: Women’s Restrooms” and “This Sucks: Working from Home.” We had a chance to catch up with Stef and find out the inside scoop on this hilarious and relatable project.
Tell us a little bit about This Sucks, what readers can expect and where your inspiration came from. 
I started This Sucks at the beginning of quarantine. It felt like there was nothing to look forward to (I was living in my boyfriend’s parent’s attic and had a UTI) and realized the only thing I had control of was my own projects. The newsletter was something I’d been meaning to start for years and suddenly I had no excuse not to—certainly not time. I wanted to create a platform where I could complain in public without it being too serious—it’s really supposed to make you laugh about things that often give you anxiety. I guess it’s a way to ~escape~ while facing those issues head-on.
With a newsletter, you’ve entered kind of an untapped market in distributing comedy right now. Do you think you’ve started something here?
Well, it certainly is a bit of risk—since a newsletter is not easily accessible on the internet. I mean you literally have to opt-in, as opposed to Twitter or Instagram, where we’re all pushing out content with or without your consent to watch it. I think it’s impossible to be the first to do anything anymore (I’m too old to be the youngest to achieve anything), but I hope people take me more seriously as a writer.
In your opinion, what is the suckiest thing you’ve had on the list so far? 
Oh god. I mean “2020” would be the obvious answer, but I’m *not like other girls* so I’ll go with “Sex-Ed.” Sex-Ed in this country, like everything else in this country, is horrific!!! Only 29 states and the District of Columbia require public schools to teach sex education, and only 22 require that if provided, it be medically accurate. My boyfriend didn’t know if I could pee with a tampon in, and we had sex together. I mean…that sucks.
What are your future goals for This Sucks? 
I’m turning one of the topics into a video, so stay tuned for that next month! Also, I want 1 million subscribers that all turn into my best friends and even? Lovers.
What advice do you have for other women looking to create content? 
Just do it (I’m actually sponsored by Nike!). Stop overthinking. It’ll probably be bad, but not as bad as literally every guy’s podcast idea.
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