Couple Planning to Have Extra Kids Just in Case One is a Dud

We saw firsthand during the Presidential Campaign how one problematic child can hurt a candidate’s shot at the White House. We heard over and over again from Trump’s attacks how corrupt Biden is, proven by his son’s actions. It culminated in Biden blaming the scandal on his son’s drug addiction during a debate, explaining how he was proud of him for getting the help he needed. 

For every Beau Biden you’re going to have a Hunter. That’s why newlyweds Rashad and Melanie say they are planning on having multiple children. These future parents aren’t taking any chances on ending up with a Hunter Biden. They’re planning for a large family to improve their odds of getting a Beau. 

“You just have to accept that they’re not all winners,” said Rashad. “You might have a kid who flunks out of community college, and one in jail, but as long as you have one that’s Ivy League material, you can feel proud as a parent.”

Rashad, a middle school teacher, stated “I’ve worked in both elite prep schools and public schools in low-income areas so I know that some kids are just – I hate to say this – duds.” 

“Exactly,” said Melanie who has several years of experience as a camp counselor. “You wouldn’t believe how many rich kids have the best education, most expensive clothes, all the right opportunities, and they still get picked last for dodgeball.” 

“We have a lot of friends with kids, and some of them are just a little off, you know. Like, I make sure to keep my wallet close whenever I’m around them.”

The couple added that they wanted to increase their chances of having at least one child they can count on as their future power of attorney. 

With medical advances and modern vaccines, parents no longer have to worry about their children surviving into adulthood as much as they worry about them bringing shame on their family’s reputation. 

“We look at it like a numbers game,” says Rashad. “You have just as good of a chance for your daughter to be a doctor as them going into stand-up comedy. Or dating, you don’t just date one person and expect them to choose the right nursing home for you in 70 years. You test out the waters with a few.”

“I think it’s more like making pancakes,” said Melanie. “The first one is always a mess. You have to make three or four before you have one good enough to post on Instagram.”

Paulina Combow
Author: Paulina Combow
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