Couple Who Owes Everyone Money Buys $300 Halloween Costumes

Megan and Tray just want to have a really good time at the two Halloween parties they are attending this year. As we know from their passive aggressive text messages, money has been very tight ever since they decided to buy their $4,000 purebred dog. A rescue dog was out of the question due to Tray’s “weird allergy thing” and Megan’s overall personality. While they can’t pay for this round of drinks, and can’t pay you back for their portion of the hotel you covered for them, they are really excited to show off their new $300 Halloween costumes they just bought!

The couple recently posted a “preview” of the costumes via Instagram and Facebook. Megan captioned the photo of them in full Aladdin and Jasmine costumes “He can show me the world!!!!! Can’t wait for Emily’s party. Here is a little sneak peak!”

She then followed up the post with a story of her blue glitter dip-powder nails. We reached out to Megan for elaboration on her statement.

“What did my caption mean? I think it’s pretty obviously like a quote from Aladdin,” she said. “We got the outfits custom made on Etsy from a place in Russia or Kosovo or something. Tray is really excited that he doesn’t have to wear a shirt. I was so excited when they arrived that I had to put them on to show everyone!”

Our investigation team found that the photo must have been posted in a hurry, since many articles of clothing were seen on the floor of the bedroom, including items Megan had borrowed from friends and not yet returned, but claimed she gave back months ago.

When asked if posting a preview photo would ruin any sort of surprise element, Megan said it wasn’t a big deal.

“We are actually invited to two parties this year, so this costume is just for Emily’s. We will wear different costumes to Tray’s cousins party! We haven’t decided on them yet. We were thinking maybe a Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner. I also wanted to see if I could dress my dog up and incorporate him into the costume somehow. People would probably be cool if we brought our dog to the party, right? And the Uber would be cool with that to, right? I mean, it is MY ride!”

We could not answer, but we did reach out to Uber after the interview and found that Megan’s account has been suspended. We attempted to contact Tray for comment, but he was out replacing the screen on his iPhone 11 and could not be reached.

Kelly Collette
Kelly is a standup comedian who has performed at limestone, San Francisco Sketchfest, laughfest and more. She tours nationally and was named Best Comedian in Cincinnati.