“Emily in Paris” Spin-Off “Tammy in Jacksonville” Not Doing Well in Test Screenings

With the insatiable demand for more Emily in Paris, the show’s creators have been scrambling to find a way to satisfy eager fans around the world who want more lovable adventures of a fashionable girl in France. The latest result of said scramble? A spin-off. Will this one feature Monique in Rome or perhaps Jackie in Tokyo? No, the creators settled on a series called Tammy in Jacksonville.  

As you can imagine, it’s not testing very well. 

“One of my favorite parts of Emily in Paris was the fashion,” one member of the test audience named Kelsey Grant said. “In Tammy in Jacksonville, Tammy exclusively wears oversized Cookie Monster shirts that have been smeared with pizza grease and a pair of Skechers that she calls her ‘Lou-croutons.’”

The creators were confused when they found out that their second series was not being perceived as well as the first. 

“Sure, Emily works in fashion marketing and that’s glamorous, but Tammy works as a security guard for the Jacksonville Jaguars games, which we really thought would appeal to our sporty girl viewers,” said creator David Smart. 

While Emily’s best friend is a nanny from Shanghai in the original show, Tammy’s best friend is Florida Man. He basically commits every major crime in Florida. In the first episode, he throws a flamingo at a child at the zoo. 

Viewers did not vibe with this character. 

“We wanted a character like Mindy!” test viewer Isabel Gonzalez said. “Florida Man was like every man you have ever met on Tinder got shoved into one body and then that body was given meth. He had a tattoo on his face of Spongebob. No, it was not done well.”

A central plot of the first season of Emily in Paris is Emily’s romantic life. In the beginning, she is in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend from Chicago, but eventually breaks up with him and pursues a handsome chef named Gabriel. Tammy, too, has her trials with love in the spin-off, but the fans weren’t quite as intrigued by them. 

“Tammy goes on a date in the first episode,” Gonzalez said. “The guy takes her to Long John Silver’s and then Tammy says, ‘Wow! Can’t believe you think I’m worthy of a genuine seafood dinner!’ We just feel really bad for Tammy. This show was like watching a car crash in slow motion.”

Due to these reviews, Tammy in Jacksonville will unfortunately not be coming to Netflix this year. Still, the creators are excited to start filming another fun spin-off they concocted called Dina in Bakersfield.