Hollywood Finally Reveals Why They Think We Want James Corden in Everything

Since 2015 when James Corden was plucked from The UK and dropped into the host chair of “The Late Late Show” to fill Craig Ferguson’s shoes, American’s have been asking, “Who is this guy?” 

A working actor since the ’90s, Corden was relatively unknown in the US until his stage show “One Man Two Guvnors” debuted on Broadway, gaining attention from important people like Vogue’s Anna Wintour. 

Since then he’s been on an upward trajectory with seemingly no end, starring in musicals on film and TV, hosting award shows, scooping up endorsements, and voice acting roles. He effortlessly sparks relationships with royalty and A-list celebrities alike both on and offscreen. While no one seems to hate James Corden, we can’t find anyone who claims to be a fan…except Hollywood producers. They love him! 

“When I think of musical theatre, only one name comes to mind, James Corden!” exclaimed one such producer who has worked with Corden on dozens of projects (and asked not to be named).

Corden recently faced backlash from the LGBTQ+ community for his overly stereotypical performance in “The Prom,” in which he received a Golden Globe Nomination. When asked why Netflix cast James Corden for the role of a gay character rather than a gay actor they responded, “This is the first time I’m hearing about this.” 

“Look,” they added, “He’s like if Jack Black was British, gay, and an actual cartoon panda. He’s a gold mine!” I reminded them again that Corden has a wife, children and identifies as straight. They then made me watch several Carpool Karaoke videos on their phone while laughing and talking over them. 

Like Black, Corden has made a name for himself with his vocal talents, lending his voice to animated characters and soundtracks. He provides the voice of Peter Rabbit in the “Peter Rabbit” films, Biggie in the “Trolls” franchise, Percy in “Smallfoot,” Hi-5 in “The Emoji Movies,” and several others which would keep any voice actor hoarse.  

More recently, Corden became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and also aired his interview with Prince Harry just days before Oprah’s exclusive Harry and Meghan sit-down. That’s right. Corden is swooping in on Oprah’s territory! He’s coming for her crown. Where did he get the audacity? Will he get away with it? 

Time will tell. Corden’s upcoming film will either cement him as the king of musical theatre or be the worst vanity project since “The Room.” He is writing, directing, and starring in a live-action adaptation of “Cinderella.” He’s playing everyone from the Evil Stepmother, to the Fairy Godmother, to Gus Gus the mouse, and even Cinderella. If he thinks he can do better than Whitney and Brandy combined…. we’ll just sit back and watch him dig his own grave.

Image: James Corden/People 

Paulina Combow
Author: Paulina Combow
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