Instagram Influencer Refuses to Take Stance on Anything Except Skincare Regimen

We’ve all heard it before. “Hey you guys! A lot of you have been asking about what my skincare routine is, so I just want to walk you through it” (proceeds to hold each skincare product incredibly close to the camera, so that we can see the outrageously expensive label up close and personal).

It’s the same old shit, day after day. Maybe one day it’s about clearing blemishes, maybe one day it’s the bags under your eyes, or maybe they really want to express their deep thoughts about the minuscule pimple on their face that no one can see, despite their iPhone 12 Pro having an incredibly clear and focused camera lens.

Regardless of what it is, it’s pretty insane, given our world is burning around us. A tyrannical, dangerous, dishonest bigot of a president (thankfully now out of office) inciting a violent insurrection that put white supremacy and anti-Semitism on display, innocent Black lives being taken from police brutality, you know, a worldwide deadly pandemic, and so much more. Thankfully, these Instagram influencers like to stick to the “important” stuff instead, like how to have the clearest skin on a daily basis

So, what’s the deal? Why can’t they speak out and stand up for something deeper than being Hollywood beautiful? What is stopping these (mostly) white women from saying, “Hey you guys. We got bigger fish to fry, and here’s why?”

I mean, if I were that naturally stunning, I’d have the urge to indulge in the love of my followers, but come on, if we are going to get our world back in order, please, for the love of all that is holy, speak up, talk about the issues, and maybe take a break from acne talk for like…just a second. Okay?

Anna Snapp
Author: Anna Snapp
Anna is a Brooklyn-based actor and writer, trying to figure which is more important to her: taking down the men on dating apps who refer to themselves as "humble", or watching enough terrible reality TV to officially lessen her value. Anna believes in progressive politics, Dua Lipa, and mediocre boxes of Sauvignon Blanc.