Love Island to Add Woman Who Wears a Size 6 to Promote Body Positivity

Thick girls, rejoice! You’re about to be repped to death on everyone’s favorite reality show: Love Island! After falling in love with our thin casts, you’re going to drool over our new cast with a totes obese woman who wears a whopping SIZE 6!

“I feel the need to state that size 6 is NOT obese or remotely plus-size,” some hack who called himself a “doctor” said. “It’s not even mid-size. Who is on your creative team?”

Sources say mainly men.

Love Island creators felt like they needed to expand their pool of body types. For the sake of other Islanders finding their perfect match, they chose to add a singular woman who wears a size 6.

“One male Islander said, ‘Where’s the ass and titties?’ and we thought, ‘Fair point,’” Love Island creative team member Henry Hartford said. 

When asked if they intended to add any men who were “plus-size,” the creators blanked.

“Uhhh… we didn’t think about that,” the team said. “I suppose in retrospect, dad-bods are mad trendy, what with that version of Chris Pratt that people actually liked.”

We spoke with the woman who was selected to be the revolutionary size 6 on Love Island about her thoughts on being on the show. 

“Frankly, I didn’t even know that having me on was going to be a big deal,” Sarah O’Kalligan said. “I thought I was pretty small in size and then I walked in and they were like, ‘Hey, tubs!’ and I was like, ‘Huh?’”

Sarah has said that the show has been fine and all, but she is a little concerned about how little the creative team knows about women’s bodies. 

“They asked me if we needed to head to ‘whatever the gal equivalent to Big and Tall is’ to find me a bathing suit for this season and I had to tell them that I was simply a small rather than an extra-small,” Sarah said.

We pushed the creative team a little further and asked them if they would ever consider adding a woman who wore a size 10 to their cast. Not that that’s all that wild either, but we wanted to test the waters. 

“ARE there even women who wear a size that big?” the team guffawed. 

We told them that Liv Tyler and Nicki Minaj are both size 10. 

Their heads slowly deflated at the news.

Image: Love Island, CBS