Mole Pulls Ultimate Attention Seeking Move By Sprouting a Hair

I was born on a cheek. A face cheek, not…umm…nevermind. You see, when your skin cells grow, they usually spread out throughout the skin. My mom always said, “Every time the skin cells grow in a cluster, a mole gets its wings.”

I’ve always sort of noticed that I wasn’t like all the other skin cells. I always stood out a little and as I grew up, I started receiving attention for my unique look. Some teased me because I didn’t look like them, while others gave curious stares. The other cells didn’t know what to make of me. I didn’t really fit in with the freckles or hives. I definitely wasn’t some rash either. What even was I? I wished I could just blend in like all the other cells. 

I kind of felt like I was in my own category for a while. But, that all changed when Cindy Crawford’s iconic mole started showing up on magazine covers. Everything changed.  I became some overnight “it” girl, drawing stares of admiration.

Suddenly, everyone and their brother wanted to have a mole. The other cells started drawing moles on with makeup, trying to imitate my look. A few brave cells even got a tattoo to look just like me! It was surreal. I was instantly skyrocketed to levels of popularity I’d only ever dreamed about. I used a lot of glitter back then.  

I lost my mom to a chemical peel a few years ago. She was taken too young. When I was feeling insecure about my looks, she used to tell me that rumor has it there is some Marilyn Monroe in my lineage. If only she could see me then. Mom of course, not Marilyn. That feels like ages ago. 

Lately though, I’m feeling dull. I’m a has been.Everytime I pass by a mirror, I sneak a glance at myself. My once firm structured cheek is starting to change a bit. Above me a crows feet lingers above, threatening to trickle down in my direction. I’m in a rut. A funk. The only way to get out of a rut is by shaking things up. It’s time for a change.  

Perhaps I need to reinvent myself. I’ve never tried but I have seen moles that are different shapes than me. A rhombus shaped mole would certainly be eye catching. Hmm… I know that changing color could be an option. I’ve seen moles that are different colors but I honestly don’t know how to change my shade.

 I could try playing around with my texture maybe? I’ve always been a bit smooth, while one of my friends looks like a cute little raisin. Perhaps an accessory might do the trick!  Wait, I’ve got it! I know! Of course. An accessory will help me get my flair back. It is time to get the spotlight back where it belongs. It’s time to sprout a hair!

Tricia D'Onofrio
Tricia D'Onofrio is a comedian and writer from Connecticut, but not the tennis part. She has determined that 2020 will be her year, despite all signs pointing to the opposite. She always believed herself to be a unique individual, but it turns out she's just a textbook Sagittarius.