New TikTok Dance To “Taps” A Great Way to Ruin Grandpa’s Funeral

TikTok teens are at it again, and this time, everyone is dying for their chance to get in on the fun! When 17-year-old Carmela noticed her family in absolute shambles, mourning loudly and paying their respects to her late grandfather, Simon, she felt offended and unseen.

“I just like, kind of noticed, everyone was like, not complimenting my custom funeral Air Force 1’s enough… and the vibes were just super eerie… so I obviously jumped on the opportunity to make this about myself,” stated Carmela.

Simon’s best friend and closest military comrade honored Simon by performing a teary-eyed rendition of “Taps” on the trumpet. That’s when Carmela knew she had to step in… on her grandfather’s grave. Carmela immediately began woah-ing and twerking atop the dirt above her grandfather’s dead body, catching the eyes of all at the service. And thus, the new TikTok trend “The Renegrave” was born, right before Carmela’s friends and family’s eyes. 

Since the incident, Carmela has been disowned by her immediate family.

“Yeah… I’m like, disowned I guess… I tried to tell my family it wasn’t offensive because I was honoring grandpa by imitating the stroke he had but… like can I not throw it back for grandpa?” asks Carmela.

While Carmela may no longer have an immediate family, her dance has found a loving community of irreverent, attention-starved teens online! Across the world, TikTokers are participating in the Renegrave; vigorously whipping in front of tombstones, Milly rocking during eulogies, and inappropriately grinding on top of caskets to honor the departed! With the dance’s popularity skyrocketing, veteran TikTokkers are joining in. 

Famous TikToker @supersoakthathoe212 put his special twist on the Renegrave, in which he puppeteered his dead grandmother to make it look like her cold, lifeless body was doing the dance! She served 23 years in the Navy, but @supersoakthathoe212’s video made an even BIGGER splash, clocking in at 1.3 million views.

The Renegrave is the best way to make your loved ones’ last moments on earth all about you! The sheer and astonishing disrespect from this is sure to make your family finally give you the attention you so desperately crave. And during their funeral, loved ones’ are surely looking down, wondering why they worked so hard during their lifetimes to support a generation chock-full of self-indulgent fools.

Author: Kasey Leibas
Kasey Leibas is a Chicago-based Latina comedian who loves to make people laugh by making herself look like an idiot. Her credits include: seeing Danny DeVito in the audience of a play, doing improv sometimes.