Calling All Witches! This California Summer Camp Is All About Witchcraft

Do you have the magic in you? Award-winning producer and writer Molly Ann Hale is bringing witchcraft to the forefront with her company The Modern Witch Movement. Aside from running a monthly stand up show, Thalia Comedy Hour, Hale is bringing together Witches from all over world for a weekend in nature at her summer Witch Camp.

We had a chance to talk to Hale about the summer retreat she produces with co-founder Raquel Natalicchio, her inspiration and what exactly it means to be a Witch.

Tell us a little bit about your camp and what participants can expect.

Witch Camp is an event for sister Witches who love to be in nature, explore their own magic in community, learn new magic tools and have a lot of Witchy fun! This year’s event features an opening night circle followed by a catered feast by Fork and Thyme Catering, a full weekend of workshops given by prominent Witches from all over the world, group ritual, a panel on Witch ethics, a pool, and nearby hot springs!

What inspired you to create The Modern Witch Movement?

The Modern Witch Movement was founded to provide community resources, events, and thought leadership around witchcraft in order to help fledgling Witches find their path, give seasoned Witches expansive ideas, and connect the covens. Witch Camp grew out of our love of nature and the wish to gather once a year to share our magic and learn new tools.

Have you faced any challenges so far?

The challenges we’ve encountered thus far are those who either don’t understand what we’re doing or have a different idea about how we should do it. Our ethos is, we don’t tell anyone how to Witch. You can be a Witch and not be Wiccan. You can be a Witch and not practice spell magic. You can be a Witch any way you want and it should be a very personal journey. What we do is give you the tools and knowledge you need to figure out how it is exactly that you Witch! And some people say that Witchcraft is played out. But we say as long as there is nature, there will be Witches!

How have your experiences as a woman in entertainment impacted this project?

As a woman, I feel a need for this kind of communal ritual. It calls to me and I have a movement of Sister and Brother Witches who say I am not alone. Now, I don’t know if being a woman has helped me to be a good producer, although I like to think I bring juicy goddess energy to everything I do. But my years of film production in general, help me in numerous ways. We set the table for this weekend to deliver more magic than our guests can expect and that kind of forethought comes from being very comfortable wearing all the hats. I know what it takes to produce a large scale event with finesse. When our sister Witches come to Witch Camp, they get a great show. From beginning to end, the event is stacked with nuance, surprises, and fun! (As a side note, performance happens as part of our “camp activities” and we are having a stand-up show on opening night.)

Any advice for women seeking to create their own content?

Creating content on your own can be tough. It takes stamina and perseverance. I think the best content creators do three things well: Create from their heart, Collaborate with those who know more than them, Find a way.

Are you an interested Witch? Modern Witch Movement’s Annual Witch Camp 2020 will take place in Lake Isabella on June 19th-21st. Make sure to check out the Facebook event page, and the Modern Witch Movement website,, launching April 1st.

For more about Molly Ann Hale, visit her website or her IMDB.

Images: Raquel Natalicchio

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