Have You Been Ghosted? New Comedy Web Series “Ghost Town” Lets You Know You’re Not Alone!

Who let the ghosts out?! None other than New York City comedian Savannah DesOrmeaux and her new show GHOST TOWN. The weekly Youtube series features a wide array of guests from the entertainment world as they discuss their favorite (or most cringeworthy) ghosting stories.

We had a chance to catch up with Savannah and talk about her inspiration for the show, the filming process, and her advice for other female creators.

Tell us a little bit about your project and how it came to be.

The idea for GHOST TOWN was born when our esteemed petty host, Savannah, was ghosted by a lover after “accidentally” leaving a necklace behind at his apartment, only to receive a Google calendar invite (!) from him months later (!!) to pick it up (!!!). Savannah sat on the idea until the following year when she, dickstruck once more, was hung out to dry by another gentleman caller because of an alleged “surgery.” She later found out that the surgery was actually real (and it was on his penis) but the process of putting him on blast and producing this series and was already well under way.

Stylistically, I wanted the show to be irreverent and over the top. I wanted each episode to feel like it was moving at 100 mph because I don’t think anyone has the attention span for anything else. The project mostly makes fun of ourselves (and the fuckbois who wrong us). What came out is I think actually entirely manic. I think of it as a delicious bite sized Ferrero Rocher wrapped in gold foil that you sometimes see at the front of a trash drug store. They’re always stunning but always soooo overdoing it for the occasion. So delicious, but at its core still drug store garbage. That’s the show to me if you were to ask me at a time when my brain isn’t getting enough oxygen…which happens to be the case right now. 

Are there any characters in the show?

No characters, these folks are, as they say, some REAL ONES. We have all ghosted someone or have been ghosted by another so in a way, ~*wE aRe aLL*~ the characters. 

Ghosting is like HPV: It happens to the best of us and it’s more likely to happen after meeting someone on an app. And, what’s more, it only gets worse if left untreated. Gone are the days of “getting pinned” and “going steady” after some hand-holding and a root beer float.

Nowadays, everyone is “just, like, really busy right now.” The series tackles an evergreen and universal topic for the modern dating gal, guy, or non-binary cutie seeking a relaysh or a casual connetch. There is an epidemic afoot; this series may not be the cure but it’s the clinical trials.

What was the writing process like for this series?

The series is unscripted so mostly everything was iconically riffed in the moment based on the stories the guests brought in. I prepared the game segments and episode structure ahead of time. My goal was to have, in every episode, a chat with a special guest (or guests) from the world of comedy, music or entertainment who I—nay, everyone–thinks is Undeniably Cool™. Together, we wax poetic on the common and uncommon rituals of dating, loving and getting f*cking ghosted.

Each 8 minute episode starts with a Guest Intro, followed by a recounting of their Ghost Story and a Game Segment. In Marina’s ep we play “Ooooh is that a draft” where we draft up goodbye texts (as an alternative to ghosting) to people using fridge magnets The episode comes to a close with Final Thoughts, a segment wherein our special guest sends off the spirit of the fuckboy (or fuckgirl) that’s been haunting them with one final message said to camera. Savannah clouds them in sage as the credits roll so their ghost can move on in peace.

What challenges, if any, have you encountered so far?

I filmed the entire first season in one day. It was a test of endurance and stamina for me and my whole team.

What advice do you have for women looking to create their own content?

My set didn’t have a single straight white male on the premises and it was the smoothest sailing I ever did sail. Can’t recommend curating your creative team according to your needs/wants enough!

Excited to check out the show? Catch GHOST TOWN on Youtube now, only at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDo6QLyKQxmlGdEnZfq2O0g

Follow Savannah: @savannahdeso

Image: Shark Party Media

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