Kelly and Lindsey Are Bringing Guests Back to School With Podcast “F*ck You, I’m Smarter”

Do you have the smarts to make it through high school again? Well, podcast hosts Lindsey Gentile and Kelly Wallace-Barnhill will let you know!

The duo’s new show “Fuck You, I’m Smarter,” takes contestants through a day at school to see who can stand the test and be crowned the smartest person in the room. Each episode features games based on hallmark subjects such as social studies, math, home economics and even driver’s ed. Guests are also welcomed to read through their diaries, play Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever during recess, and dive into their upbringing while they dish the good, the bad and the awkward of their childhood.

Gentile and Wallace-Barnhill sat down to give us the scoop on this hilarious and nostalgic podcast.

What inspired you to create this project?

In all honesty, we were sick of feeling stupid at parties! We went to school our whole lives and went to college, but found ourselves feeling like we knew nothing at all. This podcast is a great way for us all to test our knowledge and try to learn a little, while not being afraid to sound dumb. Like, really really dumb.

What challenges, if any, have you encountered so far?

We tailor our scripts to our specific guests. We try to play to both their strengths and weaknesses. We want the questions to be challenging, but also want our guests to have fun and not feel too in their head about it! It can be hard to find a balance, but we seem to be finding a groove!

It’s also been challenging to find a bigger audience, so please tell your friends and RATE. REVIEW. SUBSCRIBE. Apple podcasts will bury your project if it isn’t getting the attention that we truly believe the podcast deserves. We are really proud of it so give us a listen!

How do you think your experiences as a woman in entertainment have influenced this project?

We have produced our own work now as a duo for more than 10 years. We were sick of hearing “no” and feeling undervalued, so we joined forces and haven’t looked back. This is part of our Kelly and Lindsey brand, and we will continue to produce content that we believe in. We have done live shows and traveled the country together. We produced two web series’ together, “Kelly and Lindsey Do New York” ( and “Timber: The Series” ( if you want to check them out!

What advice do you have for women seeking to create their own content?

Just put pen to paper and see where it goes. We had no idea what we were doing when we started but we created a live show, set a date and ran with it! It morphs and changes, but in the end you made something great, and that feeling is like none other.

“Fuck You, I’m Smarter” can be downloaded today, at Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

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