This Woman is Smiling Because She Hasn’t Checked Her Credit Score in Five Years

You may be wondering why Fiona can’t stop grinning. Why the twinkle in her eye?

Surely that’s the face of a woman who has her life in order, who feels organized and empowered. Quite the opposite! Turns out, Fiona’s smile isn’t because she feels large and in charge, or capable of handling any obstacle. Far from it. Fiona is smiling because she has no idea what her credit score is. And what she doesn’t know, can’t hurt her!

Fiona’s credit might be average, it might be below average, it might be in the shitter. She has no idea. Truth be told, it’s been so long since she checked her score that she doesn’t even remember what a normal range looks like. What’s a good credit score, 3? 3,000? 10,000?

Who knows! It’s sort of fun to think of the endless possibilities.

Fiona’s smile lights up the room. It’s magnetic, and makes people want to be around her. Little do they know, Fiona isn’t actually confident. She’s simply in the dark about her financial situation. Her sense of freedom is totally false! But hey, ignorance is bliss. And while she’s feeling cheery, she might as well show off her pearly whites. Where some people might become paralyzed by fear of the unknown, Fiona instead chooses to look at the bright side—when she smiles real big like that, her dimples are out of this world!

Fiona’s head isn’t just in the sand regarding her credit. Her preference is to ignore important tasks across the board, because they’re all unpleasant. For instance, she has no idea when the last time she paid her car registration was. She doesn’t have a primary care doctor, and has no idea what she would do if she needed to see one (health care is so needlessly complicated!). And of course, this goes without saying, but Fiona’s checking account balance is a total unknown. She could decide to get organized or check her records about all of the above, but no thank you! She’d rather keep facing the day with a smile. You go girl!

Image: Business Insider

Mary Gulino
Author: Mary Gulino
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