Wikipedia Adds “Problematic Shit” Section to All Celebrity Bios

In the age of cancel culture and the #MeToo movement, it can be hard to keep track of which celebrities you’re allowed to like on any given day. 

Has your favorite comedian ever tweeted something homophobic? Has the leader of your country ever done blackface? Do you feel weird Googling stuff like, “Can I be attracted to NBC’s Brian Williams without feeling bad about it?”

Worry no more! Thanks to Wikipedia, all your favorite celebrities’ skeletons are now in a very accessible (and free) closet. The online encyclopedia announced this week that it will be adding a “Problematic Shit” section to every bio posted on the site. 

Every mistake a person has ever made – every offensive comment, allegation of sexual assault, and number of Joe Rogan streams – is now laid out in an easy-to-read list you can check before saying things like, “I stan Scarlett Johansson,” or, “I am attracted to NBC’s Brian Williams” (lest you yourself get cancelled). 

Stories that were once buried by Oscar buzz articles and shirtless Instagram pics, are now out in the open and readily available to any moms who, inexplicably, still like James Franco.

Thanks to Wikipedia, it’s never been easier to boycott movies, music, and comedy. Now, anybody can be that friend who uses obscure damning facts about actors to get out of going to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. As if I needed an excuse!

Images: Wikipedia/Nora Panahi

Nora Panahi
Author: Nora Panahi
Nora is an Iranian-American, Buddhist-Muslim, Boston-based stand-up comic with great hair and a 2011 white Toyota Yaris with crank windows. She has been called the c-word by at least three men and she totally deserved it.