6 Trends That Even Your Favorite Model Can't Make Cute

By Ashley Singleton

It's Fashion Week season! As always, new must-have trends are making their way down the runway in New York, Paris, Milan, and beyond. Usually, this is the time when you watch your bank account slowly dwindle like a freshly baked tray of cookies. However, this year seems to be a different story...Don’t let glamorous people like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid fool you! This year's trends are NOT CUTE.

Biker shorts

We have Kim K to thank for this one. I’m all for comfy clothing. In fact, I’ve spent half of my life in a velour tracksuit. But the biker short trend is an insult to comfort clothing. First, wearing a large T-shirt to cover the shorts (aka the trend you hate but are wearing to be cool) doesn’t make them disappear. We know they're there! Second, pairing them with a sports bra, heels, and a full face of makeup makes it looks like you simply forgot to put a dress on over your Spanx before leaving the house. Unless you’re training for the Tour de France, calling biking shorts an outfit isn’t stylish.

Bucket hats

Why is it always the ugly trends that make a comeback? Take the bucket hat for example. If it wasn’t cute in the 90's, it isn’t cute now. Let's be honest, no one looks at someone wearing a bucket hat and thinks "Wow that really ties the outfit together." They are the bulky, clunky, unflattering bowl cuts of the hat world. The only person who should ever wear this type of hat is a fisherman.

Any variation of Crocs

I remember when Crocs first made their debut and everyone was excited about them. I also remember when the trend finally ended and everyone was even more excited about that. Why? Because wearing rubber oven mitts with holes on your feet and calling them shoes isn’t fashion. As if Crocs couldn't get worse, they have now invented a high heel Crocs. When I first saw them, I thought it was promo for the reboot of Punk’d. Ashton, where are you?! 

Gem stoned & platform tennis shoes

I love tennis shoes. LOVE them. Honestly, I wear them everyday. I’m all for fun colored, funky tennis shoes with pants, skirts, dresses, you name it. But what I’m not okay with are the tennis shoes that look like they way a thousand pounds. I’m not sure which person at Balenciaga approved these shoes for production, but they disgraced the name of tennis shoes. The same disdain goes for shoes with gemstones on them. Come one, which designer let a four-year-old loose with a BeDazzler? 

Itty bitty sunglasses

I’ll admit it, I have a lot of face...So I personally prefer bigger sunglasses to look proportional. However, small sunglasses are a trend that (un)fortunately must go. First off, they aren’t functional. You have to squint to fit your full eye under the lense to benefit from them. Second, they look like Inspector Gadget got his own clothing line. I don’t care if every model and their dog is wearing them, it doesn't make them cute. 

Furry bags I’ll get right to the point. Furry purses and bags look like you DIY-ed your stuffed animal from childhood and made it into a purse. Not only are they ugly, but they are also a health hazard. When you set them down, dirt clouds poof into the air to release all the dust and debris they’ve collected. I don’t want a giant lint ball near me.Bid them adieu, and go back to your cute, but cliché Kate Spade bag. 


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