7 Nostalgic Themed Cocktails from Your Childhood

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

By Rachel Manson

After a hard week of being an adult, there is nothing more relaxing than kicking back with an intricately made, multi-ingredient cocktail that takes way too long to make. 

But wouldn’t it be worth the time and energy if your alcoholic beverage reminded you of the golden days of your youth? I’m talking AOL, 90s cartoons, early 2000s debauchery and the best hit clipz has to offer. 

I present to you 7 Nostalgic Themed Cocktails from Your Childhood:

The Power Pufferita

While we never fully questioned why Professor Utonium was making perfect little girls before accidentally dumping in chemical X, The Power Puff Girls rocked our socks and were only the tip of the girl power wave collapsing on the shores of the 90s. 






Chemical X

Note: Make sure to drink with three friends you want to work with for the rest of your life as you will be constantly fighting Mojo Jojo*

*Stay tuned for the Mojo Jojo Mojito

Lebatts So Raven

This one is specifically for my Canadian brethren out there! A great cocktail to consume at parties when you're caught in a dull conversation. Just stare deadpan into the ether until they leave and blame it on a vision.

1 Can of Lebatts Beer

Grapefruit Juice


Cosmic Knowledge

Gaze into the future to find the recipe. 

The Miss Frizzle Fizz Lizz

Please let this be a normal cocktail. With the Frizz? NO WAY! Here’s a cocktail paying tribute to the show that taught our generation basic science.


Lemon Juice


Soda Water

1 Live Lizard

Don’t drink and drive a mutating bus. Or supervise children.

The Creme De Bananas in Pyjamas

Wow, remember this show? Who was this for? This was a show about anthropomorphic bananas. Like. Why. 

Creme de Banana

Pineapple Juice

Orange Juice


They didn’t even have names. It was B1 and B2. And they served as the local Beach Patrol, which is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. Whose fever dream was this?

The Lisa Frank Tonic

This cocktail is so visually overwhelming you’ll have to pour it on top of your trapper keeper, otherwise people will think you’re not the coolest person in Social Studies.


Yellow Chartreuse

Blueberry Syrup

Lemon Juice


Tonic Water

The Angelica Pickled Caesar

Also Canadian. The perfect drink for dealing with those dumb babies and getting Cynthia out of trouble.


Clamato Juice




To make American, substitute Tomato Juice for your citizenship.

The "Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up"

Let’s face it: while we want to stay in the wonder days of our childhood, when everything was sparkly and adult supervisioned, if anyone two years younger than us asks, we’re basically senior citizens. And we need a drink that’s suitable for our age.






Keep a button close by to alert your roommate that you have fallen and cannot get up.

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