Free Tacos and TV?! A Guide to Quarantine Freebies

By Jen Saunderson

The world is in a never ending game of hot lava. Hot Lava is what I’m calling quarantine, by the way, go ahead and try it. The next time you see someone jogging and you feel bad that you’re not exercising just say to yourself, “Oh man… she’s not gonna win, she’s covered in lava.” Congrats on killing it by the way at the hot lava challenge and staying at home. Look at you winning at everything!

Your prize for crushing it is a list of freebies you can do to avoid watching Tiger King for the 17th time. By the way if your partner has sardine oil in their Amazon cart, RUN. You’re in danger! Risk the hot lava!


Multiple restaurants are offering free gift cards for online orders or free delivery. Here is a resource for restaurants offering such things!

- Del Taco is offering 2 free tacos when you sign up for their online eclub

- The Cheesecake Factory is offering a $10 e-gift card for every $50 gift card purchased

- Buffalo Wild Wings – BOGO (buy one get one free for those of you that are new to deals, also, welcome!) traditional wings on Tuesdays and BOGO boneless wings on Thursdays PLUS free delivery


Hey, have you ever wanted to go to the symphony or the opera in your pajama jams but were too worried that you’d be scoffed at? Well, well, well, well, well, your time has finally come!

- Seattle Symphony Enjoy free performances. 

- The Met The Met is offering nightly broadcasts on streaming services and their website of past performances. 


You may not be able to go to the movie theater right now, and depending on where you are, a drive-in might be out of the question, but the following sites have you more than covered for movies!

- Vudu: Free TV and Movies 

- Sling TV: Live TV Streaming

- Lionsgate: Free movies streaming Fridays at 6PM PST hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis

- Tubi: Free TV and Movies

- Shudder: CODE: SHUTIN for 30 days free! Joe Bob Briggs is back on Fridays for horror double features, finally something that’s live that you can enjoy with other people, that’s not the news! Also, who is enjoying the news? If you are, stop reading you don’t deserve this. 

- Cinematic Void: Join one of LA’s best grindhouse institutions, Cinematic Void for a fun streaming event live on Fridays at 8:30 pm


- Shitt’s Creek: Available on IMDB

- Acorn TV: Acorn.TV The best in British programming 

- HBO: Seven day free trial

- Sundance Now: Free for 30 Days with code, SUNDANCENOW30

- Battlestar Galactica: Streaming free thanks to SyFy 

- Kid’s Shows: A list of kid shows that are streaming for free so you can avoid renting “Trolls 2” for the 700th time. 


- Fender Guitar Lessons: Free lessons for three months 

- Museum Tours: Visit museums from around the world 

- Kanopy or Hoopla: Access your local library through Kanopy or Hoopla for digital books, movies, music, audiobooks and TV shows


- Planet Fitness: Offers daily live classes at 4PM PST

- Headspace: Meditation and relaxation exercises

- Fitness App: List of fitness apps that are free during…hot lava


- Cards against Humanity: Print and play version

- Marvel: Free Marvel comics

- Dark Horse: Free Dark Horse comics

- Crayola: Free coloring book pages

- Board Game Arena: Play multiple boardgames for free

This oughta get you through the next week, if not, there’s always “Tiger King" for the 18th time. Enjoy you lava fighters! 

Image: Hey Arnold/Giphy

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