The Rise and Fall of My Harry Styles Obsession

By Ashley Singleton

I’m embarrassed to admit that my love for Harry Styles began later in my life—high school to be exact. One Direction had been around for a while, but I’d never cared to listen to them and I thought they’d be just another pop boy band. However, the obsession began just like every 1D fan, with five simple words, “That’s what makes you beautiful.”

I loved the band as a whole, but there was something in particular about Harold that stuck out. Maybe it was his green eyes and dimples, or maybe it was the way he sounded when he sang. Whatever it was, I was hooked. 

Since the band had been around for a while, I had a lot of music and interviews to consume... and consume I did. As I got older, I thought I would grow out of my boy band phase, but boy was I wrong. I blame Harry for this. You see, as I got older, he just got it’s not my fault I never stopped liking him.

There I was, a 21-year-old who loves Harry Styles, living in LA, carrying around a thank you note in my purse I’d written for him when I was 15. Did I hope I’d run into him on the beaches of Malibu or on Rodeo at the Gucci shop? Of course! Did that ever happen? NO. But did I overreact when I saw that he was at one of my favorite restaurants the day after I went there? Sure did. 

The fall of my obsession started with the end of One Direction and the era of solo Harry. Of course, I was excited when he announced his debut as a solo artist. I even bought tickets to his concert before he released the album. At the concert, I cried when he was 10 feet away from me. But with that being said, I soon began to care less and less about the news of Harry. 

You see, what I loved about One Direction and Harry Styles was that they seemed and acted like normal people. They interacted with their fans, and Harry would always post weird, cryptic tweets. The new Harry, that came with his solo career, no longer felt like a regular guy. Granted I don’t know Harry Styles personally, this is all my observation, but everything felt so forced and crafted. He stopped answering basic questions and replaced answers with “UMMM... I think the thing is when you...”

His new single “Lights Up” is fun, but it feels lazy. It’s the same lyrics over and over again put to a catchy tune. Honestly, it sounds like the song at the end of “Life Size” when they have to sing to turn Tyra Banks into a doll again. I’m all for being who you are and being 100 percent true to yourself, and if that is who is he is then I’m happy for him. But as for me, I'm no longer obsessed.

Image: Metro

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