Rescue Kitten Murders Entire Family, Still Cute

An adorable white Persian kitten named Snowball has now been linked to an infamous cold case murder in 2018.

Snowball, age 3, was adopted from a New Richmond animal shelter by Joan Corey in December.

“I saw her and she rolled onto her back for me to pet her belly, and I immediately felt a connection. I had to take her home with me,” said Joan.

When asked what she knew about Snowball’s history, Joan remarked “I asked the shelter about her medical history and they didn’t have too much information on her. Apparently, she was picked up from the streets in a residential area. She had a pink collar with a tag that read ‘Malachi’ on one side and ‘HAIL SATAN’ on the other. No phone number or chip. When no one came to claim her, they listed her for adoption.” 

Joan also indicated that she was not sure which of the phrases on the tag was the cat’s given Christian Name, so she opted to rename the animal Snowball due to her fluffy coat. She’s spent her days eating Fancy Feast, playing with yarn, and laying around ever since. The cat has also done the same.

Joan describes herself humorously as a “crazy cat lady.” Having 4 adopted cats already in the house, she said Snowball has fit right in.

“She actually seems to be their leader. It’s so cute. The other night I woke up and they were flanked around my bed, like a little army! Snowball was on my chest staring into my eyes. Who’s got good eye contact? She does! Yes, she does,” babbled Joan.

When our team of investigators went to Joan’s apartment, Snowball was present and sunning herself in the window. It was then that they revealed that a positive hair sample test determined Snowball was responsible for the gruesome murder of the Parker family. In the early morning of November 30th, Snowball had approached each family member while they slept and slit their throats with her tiny, stubby, pink, adorable claws. As the team gave Joan the details, Snowball purred.

“Awwww,” commented one reporter.

When describing to Joan the way the bodies were found, and discussing the satanic messages written on the walls in their blood, Snowball jumped up onto the piano and walked across the keyboard. Everyone stopped and watched for 4 minutes before continuing the interview. When they began speaking again, Snowball walked back across the keyboard.

Snowball is to be indicted and will face a jury trial. Police are not expecting any sort of conflict in detaining her but will be prepared to use laser pointers to lure her into their custody.

Kelly Collette
Kelly is a standup comedian who has performed at limestone, San Francisco Sketchfest, laughfest and more. She tours nationally and was named Best Comedian in Cincinnati.