Caitlin Arcand (Founder/Head B.I.C)


Born and raised in Massachusetts, Caitlin Arcand is a stand up comedian using her psychology degree for anything but being a psychologist. Her candid stories and brutally honest accounts of her daily life have been heard on stages all over the country, recently appearing at The North Carolina Comedy Festival and The Portland Maine Comedy Festival. Caitlin has been performing since childhood, after her career as a Black Belt karate ninja didn’t work out. She has been in over 50 theatrical productions, wrote and performed two solo shows, managed two different theaters and has the grey hairs to prove it. Outside of performing, she is an experienced producer, writer and social media coordinator. Caitlin’s favorite activity is being bullied by drag queens and she has served as a judge for Boston Drag Gauntlet, Worcester Drag Wars and the Rhode Island PRIDE Pageant. When not running Ladyspike, Caitlin enjoys eating alone in public and stalking dog Instagram accounts. 

Boston Crew

Corey Saunders (Video Producer/Everyone’s Emotional Support Friend)


Corey Saunders is a stand-up comedian, writer, and producer from just outside Boston. His loud voice, quick wit and unapologetic sass will keep you laughing all night (and the next day at work when no one knows what the heck you’re laughing at over there by yourself). He has performed all over New England and in New York City. Corey hosted and produced an online talk show until it got canceled.

Janis Hudson (Set Coordinator/Designated “Wine Mom”)

Janis survived growing up in the state of Maine with many skills that did not include comedy. She worked as a Speech Language Pathologist until about a year ago when, much to her father’s chagrin, she quit her terrible but well-paying job in healthcare to pursue her lifelong passion of being poor while pretending to be anyone but herself…aka…acting. After taking a few improv classes to improve her work in Cabaret, she realized that being funny is great fun, but also really f_%$#@& hard. Since that time, she has forced herself into other’s people’s funny projects and scripts hoping to someday live up to the likes of Mo Collins…her original inspiration for all things gross and funny. You can find her belting/dancing her face off in the Boston-based theater scene, or chasing her two small children around like a slave. 

Cameron Sughrue (Glitter Pony Sketch / The Actor Who Gets Roped Into Everything)

Cameron is a Massachusetts native who sometimes acts, mostly performing for his cat. Besides that, Cameron spends his time writing and being attractive. He is proud to be a part of Glitter Pony, and massively enjoys being harassed in various manners by Ran-D Xtra Xtra’s cast of characters.

Ran-D Xtra Xtra (Glitter Pony Sketch / Every Character on this Earth)

“Ran-D Xtra Xtra is a genderfluid, frequently glittered performer from Worcester, MA. Ran-D has always been attention-seeking but recently has been “putting themselves out there” to connect with audiences through glitter and sarcasm, on stage and on film. Ran-D is extremely proud to finally express the variety of their queerness through character work. Also, very passionate about cats

Los Angeles Crew

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