This Greeting Card is So Quirky, It Received an Honorary Degree from Emerson

When most people receive a Valentine’s Day card, they expect to read a sweet or earnest sentiment. But one quirky Galentine’s Day card with big dreams is out to shatter that expectation. 

The card has a drawing of food on the cover, and the inside says, “Happy Galentine’s Day, Let’s Eat All of the Things.” Wow, that is a knee slapper if we’ve ever heard one. 

“Greeting cards shouldn’t just worry about being pretty,” said the card. “We can be silly too.”

You said it, sister.

“It’s so amusing when a greeting card uses language that sounds like how I really talk,” explained one customer, who identified as feeling “very seen.”

Between giggles she continued, “A card is a piece of paper! Not a person. But the words sound like me. And I’m a person.”

Indeed, it’s all very compelling. 

Though people find its colloquial text charming now, being “different” wasn’t always easy for the greeting card. The card comes from a shelf of other greeting cards, which range in tone from serious to neutral to completely blank. As a result, it always felt like the odd one out. The Galentine’s Day card eventually learned to embrace its own individuality and had no choice but to ignore the judgment of its neighbors. 

“I was okay living on such a monotonous shelf,” says the card, “Because I always knew I was destined for somewhere better. A place where I could finally discover like-minded people and show my true colors.”

Somewhere like Emerson.

But during the card’s freshman year, it signed with big-time agents in New York and became a quintessential manic pixie dream girl-type who could give Zooey Deschanel a run for her money in any audition room.  

After skyrocketing to stardom, the card soon landed a starring role opposite Timotheé Chalamet in an indie darling feature, where it captured the hearts of America. 

“I’m just so grateful to be able to do what I love,” said the card when we chatted in its Hollywood Hills home among its fabulous vintage record and hat collection.

“Do you like my chair?” asked the card. “Joan Didion sat in this chair once. This is my thinking chair.”

In success, it seemed, the greeting card had grown even quirkier. 

“My one regret in life is that I was never able to finish my degree,” said the card while cradling a very big mug of tea. 

Thankfully, Emerson, home of countless quirky graduates but none so quirky as the greeting card, decided to finally right that wrong by awarding it an honorary degree. Emerson will host a ceremony to commemorate the milestone on its campus. The event will be held on Galentine’s Day, and food will be provided, to ensure that guests can “eat all of the things.” 

Mary Gulino
Author: Mary Gulino
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