This Woman’s Intersectional Feminism Somehow Only Includes Hot People?

For years, Clara Wozniak has been using her online platform to promote intersectional feminist ideals. A social media influencer, Wozniak understands that feminist activism needs to account for a diverse population of people, not just rich white women. She
wants to extend the fight to include all women and non-binary people…as long as they are also super hot.

“An upper middle-class white woman might face challenges that are markedly different from say, a working-class, disabled woman of color,” explains Wozniak. “Intersectional feminism applies nuance to issues of equality.”

Sounds like a solid enough stance. But if you follow her content closely, you’ll notice a conspicuous pattern: every person featured in Woziak’s “empowering” social media posts—regardless of race, class, size, religious affiliation, or immigrant status—is distractingly attractive. For someone who seemingly goes through great lengths to represent all identities, she somehow totally missed the boat on non-hot people! Whoops!

“Clara has been a role model of mine for some time,” says Trina McDowell, who has been follow Wozniak’s content for years. “She really walks the walk by centering all types of women. Well, except if you’re anything less than a 7 out of 10, in which case, I don’t think she even sees you at all, not gonna lie.” Harsh!

Every single woman in Wozniak’s sphere is a bona fide bombshell. Just by looking at them, you know these gals are treated way better by strangers and peers because of their looks, but probably don’t realize it because that’s just how it’s been their whole

Included in Wozniak’s posse are trans and nonbinary people, all of whom are also exceptionally hot. What are the odds!

Sure, attractiveness is technically a social construct, but Wozniak’s manages to surround herself with people whose looks are inarguably aspirational. Seen together, this diverse coalition of hot people looks like the cover of some Gorgeous People Only
math textbook cover. It’s almost like she’s made a systematic push to exclude ugly people from her life.

When asked to justify this pattern of handpicking hot people for her intersectional content, Wozniak said, “I’m a champion of all marginalized groups. And I want to inspire everyone to be their best self.” Hmm, super weird to conflate “hot” with “best,” if you ask me.

Stay tuned for Wozniak’s PR-scripted apology two years from now when her quotes will inevitably resurface in the context of a different era.

Mary Gulino
Author: Mary Gulino
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