Women You Should Know But Don’t Because… Patriarchy

More than just pretty faces, women have made huge changes to this blue planet we live on. Yet our stories only get told once a month! Thanks, Patriarchy. Here are a few uncommonly mentioned Sheroes in History! 

1. Hypatia was smart af. She is the world’s most famous mathematician, she was also a teacher and philosopher and astronomer. She lived in Ancient Alexandria, Egypt, and was maybe the first woman to ever throw a pad at a man when he wouldn’t take no for an answer. She was so bold that patriarchy literally tore her apart. Like literally. They tore her apart in the streets… so yeah.

2. Sacagawea is known for guiding the Lewis and Clark expedition, which may not have been her choice, but she kept that group of lost men safe and was selected to be on US Dollar coin.

3. Hatshepsut, a woman Pharaoh! Heck yeah. Not only did she make a splash in history by being the Female Pharaoh, but she also had all the titles and power of her male counterparts, while wearing the same clothes the men rocked. Men were so jealous of her that the Pharaoh after her tried to wipe her out of the history of Egypt. But no such luck bitter man baby, she left an impression.

4. Sometimes we disagree with our husbands. But in Lady Godiva’s case, her disagreement was of protest-worthy proportions. She took to her horse, and road it naked through the streets to protest the tax her husband was imposing. Take that! No wonder they named chocolate after her.

5. Sappho, an Ancient Greek poet who resided on the island of Lesbos. Her infamous writings explored female relationships and are where we ultimately got the term “lesbian.” I am in lesbians with her.

6. Major props must be given to those who run without being chased, and those who run while being chased. Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1967. When Jock Semple, the organizer of the Marathon, attempted to tackle her, she kept running. 

7. Someone had to be the first. And when it comes to tattoos in the United States, that woman was Maud Stevens. Google her pic. She looked like a major badass.

8. In 1907, Annette Kellerman fought for your right to wear a fitted one-piece bathing suit. You’re welcome.

9. A woman did it better, Paul Revere. Sybil Ludington alerted the Colonial Army about the British, riding twice the distance of Revere. In your face, Paul!

10. Chief Pine Leaf was a woman chief in the early 19th Century whose legacy includes taking wives, hunting, and killing hundreds of men with her bare hands. Yay equality!

These women prove who run the world… still men…BUT women are way more badass!

Anastasia Washington
Bi Racial Actress, Comedian, Writer, Podcaster, Filmmaker and Curvy Positive model. You can keep with her and all things Anastasia at https://linktr.ee/anastasiawash.