“Non, What Do I Wear?” Summer Heat Edition

Welcome to the first installation of “Non, What Do I Wear?” where self-proclaimed fashion ICON Non Kuramoto will answer your burning questions about how to dress for success in any occasion.

Dear Non,

The temperature has been out of control and I am dying out here. I am melting through my makeup, my clothes, accessories, everything. Could you please teach me how to survive this heat-wave while still looking cute?

– Cara

Hi Cara,

Girl I am with you on this HEAT being crazy. I grew up in Seattle so I had no idea I could sweat so much. It’s hard to feel cute when all you can think about is the waterfalls forming on every inch of your body. But I am here to remind you that you are and can be cute at any moment, especially with the right look.

This summer, I am recommending the frozen food aisle as THE place to find fashion inspo to all of my friends.

The only way to stay sane in this weather is to wear frozen things. You can also really show your personal style with these because there are literally no rules on how to wear them. Don’t let anything hold you back, go wild.

I do recommend placing them where there are high concentration of lymph nodes (neck, armpit, the base of your thighs) to maximize their effectiveness in lowering your body temperature.These bags of frozen food will keep your temperature under control for about 2 hours max! Then, simply replace them with new bags.

Yes, if you do it too often the cost can add up and you may worry that you are wasting food. But what is fashion if not entirely cost ineffective and frivolous.Below are some of my favorite ways to style frozen fruits and veggies!

The Art of Brussel Sprouts: A Non Kuramoto Look

Blueberry Season: A Non Kuramoto Look

Non Kuramoto
Author: Non Kuramoto
Non Kuramoto is a New York based comedian, queer-feminist-art-slut, and icon.